Invasion of our Consciousness

Airport, Leopard, Boot Camp, Bonjour. These are just a sampling of the many terms that Apple has used for different pieces of technology that they offer the world. These everyday terms have a way of seeping into our consciousness that we may not realize. It’s the new subliminal marketing. Think about it.

My collection of RSS feeds is lengthy and varied in topic. Yet as I go through the general list, I find that my brain automatically flags feed items that contain these and many of Apple’s other terms. Maybe half the time they’re related to the Cupertino computer company, while the rest of the time it’s something else (like a place where airplanes land, a zoo, the military, or France…).

Maybe this is just me. Too much Mac on the brain I suppose. But I think it’s hard to deny the logic in some of the naming schemes that Apple uses. (But still, the MacBook?) Pay attention to that fleeting moment next time – is there a quick flash of an apple with a bite out of it before logic kicks in? Or have I had a bit too much of the Kool-aid to drink…?

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