On the road and away


LivestrongNormally we keep all of the posts related directly or indirectly to mobile tech, but I wanted to pass along some personal info. I’ll be on the road and mostly off-line today through the weekend. Unfortunately, Barbara’s father passed about two weeks ago, so we’re heading down to Florida morning. Her dad wishes to have his remains scattered out to sea and we’ll be honoring that wish.

Of course, Sammy will be accompanying us as always, but I’ve already scouted the locations we’ll be in; while on the East Coast of the Panhandle, we’ll have EV-DO, but not while on the West Coast, which is where we’ll be a majority of the time. I know I have some e-mail questions that deserve answers from some readers and I’ll tackle them along the way as connectivity and time allow.

In the meantime, enjoy drooling over the newest UMPC from TabletKiosk, download the latest mobile tech podcast, and be sure to backup your valuable data. Most of all, take a few minutes out of your busy mobile lifestyle and sit down with your family. You don’t even need to DO anything, just sit together in a quiet setting with no computer, TV, iPod or video games. Enjoy the moment and see what happens.



Jack (Experience Mobility)

Our thoughts are with you and Barbara’s family. As you said: “just sit together in a quiet setting with no computer, TV, iPod or video games” and enjoy your family -the email can wait !


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