Disney Mobile Launches TV Ad Campaign

Disney Mobile has announced a TV ad campaign run by SF-based BuderEngel and Friends. “The commercials target parents, highlighting the comprehensive, family-tailored features of the national wireless phone service to parents, while nimbly portraying the phones as “cool” to kids nine to 14 who may co-view the spots.” The campaign tagline is “Where Your Worlds Connect”.
Disney Mobile’s proposition is pretty clear cut, and its ads are designed to emphasize the MVNO’s family focus, with features such as:

  • Set spending allowances on text messaging and other features
  • Track usage on parent’s computers
  • Designate the hours and days of the week when kids can use their phones
  • Program restricted and always-on phone numbers to manage with whom kids may communicate
  • Prioritize important family messages
  • Locate kids’ phones via GPS technology

You can judge for yourself whether the ads are successful, they’re available online here..the focus is on features, not on “coolness”, despite what the company says.
The campaign will continue throughout the fall and be added to when Disney’s new line of phones come out.Meanwhile, USA Today’s reporter review the Disney Mobile service, in this YouTube video here.
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