Broadcasters already concerned about Zune


The Zune media player/ media store is not even available yet but that isn’t keeping broadcast and cable networks from voicing their concerns over Microsoft’s plan to offer ad supported free media to owners.  Microsoft plans to make TV shows, music and video content available for free download with advertisers paying for the content with ads.  I guess the networks are worried that Zune will steal all their advertising.

(via Contact Music)



Mike Cane

I think it is time to charge the broadcasters for the FREE over-the-air broadband they have!

THAT should make them STFU…

Kevin White

I’m becoming very, very tired of all the relentless, “oh no, we’re not making as much money as we want to / feel we should! legislate! ban! sue!” stuff that the recording/movie/broadcast media industry seems to be pulling out.

If a legitimate business model provides something to users that doesn’t violate an existing legal agreement – I have a feeling Microsoft will somehow pay the broadcasters for their content, but not charge users directly for it, and I don’t see how that violates anything but IANAL – but the new business model does possibly put a damper on your own profit because you didn’t think of it first, that’s called Tough Cookies in my world.

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