Steve Jobs != Apple?

After reading this article by the Guardian Unlimited I’ve been thinking about Steve Jobs and his eventual departure from Apple. Is Steve Jobs the reason for Apple’s comeback and amazing success? Can Apple survive without him at the helm?

After Bill Gate’s announced retirement from day-to-day operations at Microsoft, which a lot of people said would never happen, people in the Apple community are starting to wonder what would happen if Apple’s CEO decided to call it quits.

I think it is important to remember the key differences between Apple and Microsoft. Microsoft publicly announces everything years ahead of time. When Gates announced he would retire in two years, he had already been making plans for several years.

You can be sure when Jobs decides to leave Apple, he will also make plans. The only difference is that we won’t hear about them until he’s gone. Remember the iPod? The Apple Store? It is Apple’s corporate policy to keep everything top secret until released, so I have no doubt Jobs’ retirement will be the same.

Also, I have a feeling Jobs will be staying with us for a few more years. With the exciting switch to Intel and still more innovations coming from the digital entertainment industry I don’t think Jobs is going to want out anytime soon. When he does decide to let go of his $1/year salary, you can be sure that we won’t know about it until he announces he’s gone at that year’s MacWorld Expo.


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