Satyam Begins Journey To Content Creation Offshoring; Satisfied With Mechanical Work For Now

Satyam Computer Services, having divested its stake in last year, plans to enter the media services offshoring space. It intends to work towards getting a share of the content creation market, but is not underestimating the difficulties it is likely to face from traditional media houses who might see this as loosening of the editorial grip on content. The company’s focus right now, it said, is on developing relationships by doing copy editing and layout, and advising publishers on reworking of archived content:
“We’re beginning conversations right now, however, and that’s an indication of the future, especially for news aggregators such as Google and Yahoo. Pulling the information together is a mechanical process that may be outsourced” says media and entertainment senior VP Kevin English.
Companies in India already involved in content creation, including Reuters, Cyber Media (India) and Mind Works Global Media, would be closely tracking developments for the people whom Satyam hires, and market segments that they plan to target.
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