Digital Music Roundup: Bebo Bands; Billy Bragg; EMusic: RIAA Fallout;


Bebo Bands: The social networking site, which has emerged as a serious competitor to MySpace particularly in the UK, has launched Bebo Bands, a music-upload service in the mode of rival MySpace. According to Bebo, more than 25,000 musicians and bands already have uploaded material; unlike MySpace, which has a four-song limit, Bebo Bands has none. Bebo also claims 10,000 registered users.
Billy Bragg’s MySpace Protest Movement: Speaking of MySpace, Billy Bragg withdrew his music from the News Corp. site in May, citing confusion over TOS language that appeared to give MySpace all rights to any content posted on the site. Bragg careful safeguarding of most of his copyrights may have made him more sensitive to the issue. MySpace clarified the language, specifying non-exclusive rights — and Gragg is replacing some of his music.
Illegal downloads create unlikely defendants: The Louisville Courier- Journal puts faces on the RIAA’s effort to litigate away file sharing. Roughly half of the 66 RIAA suits filed in Kentucky have been settled as have about one-third of the suits in neighboring Indiana. Most people wind up settling; the RIAA says a case has never gone to trial. The money from the settlements goes to fund more suits. A constant theme: parents and grandparents sued for actions by minors. One Louisville grandmother on Social Security and dialysis is still trying to figure out how to deal with a default judgment of $6,000 for the 872 songs her grandchildren downloaded using her account. They aren’t allowed to download music anymore, which makes the RIAA happy.
EMusic’s pitch: Download song â

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