Will 3G Ever Live Up To Its Hype?


It is now generally accepted that telcos paid far too much to buy 3G licenses — although the idea that the cost of buying the spectrum meant companies couldn’t afford to roll out the infrastructure doesn’t carry much weight considering that even in countries where the spectrum was given away free companies are pulling out of the market. For mine, I think 3G will actually go far beyond its hype, but not until long after people expect it to. I’m sure Gartner’s hype cycle has been dragged out on more than one occasion…
Even though the companies that missed out on getting the licenses now claim to be winners the industry is remaining stubbornly optimistic.
“It was overhyped at the beginning, and we foundered for a few years, but we are now seeing light at the end of the tunnel,” said Vivek Badinrath, chief technology officer for Orange, the France T

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