Need GPS for the nearest Drive-Thru?


Mcdonalds_logoApparently, fast food and retail stores have graduated to the POI, or Points of Interest, that many GPS devices use. Tele Atlas is including POI icons based on company logos for GPS map data, so that when you’re looking for McDonald’s Golden Arches, you’ll see…well…the Golden Arches on your GPS. (New corporate slogan?: Over 1 billion GPS-vehicles swerved here)

Other corporate easting destinations include Arby’s, Bennigan’s, Chile’s, Olive Garden, Red Lobster, Wendy’s and Subway. Sounds to me like you could eat your way across America, but without any healthier food choices, I suspect most folks wouldn’t make it from New York to Chicago. This explains why I only weigh 125 pounds fully clothed, soakin’ wet and with mobile devices in my pockets….

(via Gear Live)




With one at almost every exit on any interstate, I don’t think I have ever needed GPS to find a McDonald’s.
That’s actually funny.

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