Where is the U2 Super Special Edition Bluetooth Mighty Mouse?


Ok, I’m sure that U2 has nothing to do with the Mighty Mouse. But I blame them for my need for black Apple products. I mean, after all they are the ones who got the people excited to see a black iPod. I bet they are the reason we have the black Macbooks, Nano’s, and iPods today. So thanks U2, now you’ve got me wondering,

“Where is the U2 Super Special Edition Bluetooth Mighty Mouse?!”

It’s got to be in the pipeworks, right? Red scroll wheel, glossy black enclosure, loaded with “With or Without You” which plays when the battery runs low. I got a fever, and the only prescription is more black Apple stuff.

Ah well, no Might Mouse for this guy. I think I’ll head over to Bluetake and get my prescription filled with their mouse.



I don’t understand why they don’t have more black stuff. I searched for weeks for a black BT mouse from any manufacturer, and had a really hard time. Apple is really dropping the ball here. Also, why do the black iPods come with white earbuds and dock cables? If they’re gonna be cutting edge and make something black they need to go all the way…at least thats my opinion. The black macbooks probably aren’t selling as much, but I bet that almost every person who does buy one would also buy a wireless mouse to match. I would!


:) no problem

but hey dont blame me for the name that was my parents idea man! :p


Steve: Remember back a couple years ago when their signature was funky colored translucent plastic? Change is good :) It’s white right now, adding black sounds good to me. Also, keep in mind that powerbooks and macbook pros are aluminum…

I think it’s a range, gotta have something for everyone. Black for the ‘cool kids’, Aluminum for the ‘business-ish’ and White for ‘everyone’.


I would like to read a poem by a unknown artist …

Once there where a place called WWDC
where people listen to AC/DC
and happy, happy will people bee
when a black Mac Desktop Pro, they will see!

So this is the year when G5 steel turned black
and when I get my Mac Desktop Pro .. I will never go back ..


I still do not see the point in black Apple products…I mean Apple’s signature color is white, why would anyone want anything different?


You are so spot on. A black wireless Mighty Mouse would look fantastic! Then again, it may not be too suitable for my black mousepad on my black table.


Oh god please no more U2… This really isn’t the late 80’s anymore!

On the other hand, black mighty mouse _would_ get my attention… Hmm…

Ryan Barr

You know, that you might be on to something. That could be possible, but where would the signatures go? On the bottom? Would they not scratch off?

On the topic of scratching off, the black MacBooks have been known to have the paint ‘rub off’ when opening and closing around the iSight… so hopefully same problem doesn’t move over to the iPods or possibly this so-called Mighty Mouse.

Maybe just a black Mighty Mouse, with a white ball? I would love that, both wired and wireless. My Mac would love it too.

Also, I agree with Bichufo. Haha.


Had NEVER seen anything UGLIER than those two Bluetake mice! Look like a couple of Ruski mice.

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