Prominent Blogger Switches to Mac, Asks for Advice on Software

I’ve been following Random Acts of Reality for quite a while now. This morning Reynolds had his to say:

“I’ve recently moved my ‘business’ computing work to an Intel Macbook. And very nice it is too. However I’m wondering if I’m missing some essential ‘must-have’ bit of software or widget. At the moment I’m using Colloquy for IRC chat, Adium and Skype for MSN and similar (I have iChat, but have no contacts). Obviously I’m using Firefox. For writing I’m using Writeroom and SubEthaEdit (although at some point I’ll get Pages as NeoOffice seems a bit flaky for me). For blogging I have Ecto and for FTP I use Cyberduck. Most importantly I’ve found a game of Solitaire and have managed to get World of Warcraft working (although Second Life is terribly slow).

So my question is this – what should I be installing on this computer? What is the essential, or just plain enjoyable, software should I be getting.

Any advice?”

First, congratulations on making an excellent chioce. Second, are you kidding me? Thats like announcing you are pregnant in a room full of mothers… everyone has an opinion and loves to share it. Not that that’s a bad thing either! There’s so much great Mac software out there that everyone has their own setup that they can’t live without.

Well… he did ask for advice…

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