Sling beta applications being accepted


Slingbox_6_1Last month I grabbed a Slingbox and the Sling Player software is one of the most often used apps on my UMPC, not to mention my PCs at home on my WLAN. Sure it’s great for watching TV on any Internet connected computer or Windows Mobile device, but I also use it just to listen to music. I’ve got the Slingbox hooked up to my satellite TV receiver where I also get almost 100 commercial-free music channels, so the new Audio only feature is perfect for a little background music on Sammy’s great speakers.

Dave Zatz just got the scoop of Sling’s beta program expansion. If you’re interesting in cutting edge "slinging" on your notebook, UMPC or other mobile device, consider applying while the beta apps are open. I’ve been very impressed with the technology so far, so I’m signing up now to get in on the new stuff and to provide essential feedback!


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