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For Moto its all China all the time. Earlier this month the company opened a store in Shanghai, and now Motorola says it has a deal with Chinese online game company Shanda for mobile gaming. Motorola’s E680g handset will offer several of Shanda’s online game titles for Chinese mobile gamers.

Too bad the 6-month exclusive deal isn’t with The9, the Chinese company that partners with Blizzard for the massively popular World of Warcraft, as that would have brought considerable branding. Warcraft MVNO? But Shanda has some popular online game titles which could do well on cell phones in China, like Dungeons and Dragons, and Legend of Mir II.

China’s rapidly growing online game market could be ready for a Moto/Shanda mobile game play. As far as game phones, former attempts in other markets have brought pretty poor results — Nokia’s N-gage was basically a disaster. Given that China’s online game industry is estimated to reach $1.7 billion by 2010, according to DFC Intelligence, the deal could fare much better than other attempts. Of course, the size of Chinese mobile market – the largest in the world – helps.

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