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iSkoot for Skype Upgrades

iSkoot, a startup that connects Skype over regular cell phones, just upgraded beta software on its site that lets users receive Skype calls, add and remove contacts, and set an online status. The upgrade also adds support for phones like the Motorola RAZR, SLVR L7, PEBL, v557, Nokia 6021, 6030, 6102 and the Sony Ericsson v600i and w600i.

Other startups like Soonr let users Skype over mobile by accessing a users PC and Eqo also turns Skype mobile over a lot of cell phones. There’s many ways to mobilize Skype, so come back for a review of these competing services next week.

2 Responses to “iSkoot for Skype Upgrades”

  1. Hi…I hope have the right department:) writing from Canada

    What is the best mobile phone to use with skype?

    What are the minium requirement to run skype on a mobile phone and will it work

  2. WiSPA ( has been providing access to Skype services to a user’s cell, WiFi or landline phone since April 2006. In addition to the ability to make calls over the Skype network from a cell phone the user is also able to listen to their Skype Voicemails, listen to their Skype Chat messages and also listen to their Outlook emails. They can also manage Skype call forward settings from a standard phone.

    WiSPA was described by Skype Journal as ‘ the most powerful application I’ve seen for Skype’

    A major new version is to be released later this month that includes a number of significant enhancements requested by the WISPA userbase.

    WiSPA no expensive data tariffs using any handset that can make a call.