Intel intros “the chip formerly known as…”

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Core_2_duo_1The stork finally arrived at Intel and officially delivered the expected Core 2 Duo mobile processors today. The siblings named Core Duo are now suffering an identity crisis claiming the more power-efficient new arrival should have been named with an esoteric male/female symbol and called "The chip formerly known as CD."

If you haven’t read enough Core Duo-ness in the past year, you could always get your fix today with Intel’s press release. We checked it against the original Core Duo PR and found only four words changed. Joking aside, you can get another glimpse at the mobile processor line which ranges from 1.66 GHz with 2 MB of L2 cache up to 2.33 GHz with 4 MB of cache.

My personal fave in the release is the moniker "Enhanced Intel® Deeper Sleep with Dynamic Cache Sizing". Deeper sleep than the Core Duo? Now I see why the older chips are upset….what’s next Intel: nightmare reduction while in sleep mode? ;)


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