Day Of The IM Upgrades


Yahoo IM and Google Talk, both are getting major upgrades. Yahoo says its IM with voice is now out of beta and has published a list of 180-odd plugins that work with the Yahoo Messenger. Nice to see Pando right at the top of the most downloaded plugin list. This plug-in strategy seems to be working for them. Michael has rest of the details. Google Talk has a lot of new features, and the “Leave Voicemail” feature looks the most interesting to me.



Google has to step up the innovation and product releases here if they want to be taken seriously.

However I love the fact that Gtalk has really minimalistic UI.

Ashish Sinha

Google’s GTalk, looks more of a desperate attempy by Google to increase adoption as well as catch up with Yahoo’s latest messegnger release.
What’s really hot about (IMHO) GTalk’s new feature is the unlimited file transfer feature. Yahoo has a size constraint of 1 GB, and Google might score a tad over Yahoo owing to this feature.
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