37 Signals Release Backpack Calendar


37 Signals, creators of Backpack, Basecamp, and Ta-da List (and the geniuses behind Ruby on Rails) have added a calendar to Backpack.


The calendar features standard icalendar import and sharing (although no syncing with iCal as of this writing), Email/SMS Reminders, and an innovative plain language event entry. For example, entering “Doctor Wednesday 3pm” would add the doctors appointment exactly where it belongs.

Backpack Calendar certainly overcomes some of the difficulties I’ve had with iCal in the past, most notably not being able to edit the calendars away from my Mac. It is not a free service, but it is available on all paying accounts. Accounts start at $5/mo, but to some having an online calendar may not be worth the subscription with alternatives like Google and Yahoo. On the other hand, if you already have a backpack account, this may come as a very welcome addition to an already excellent service.

So, how long before we see a nice dashboard widget for this? And once we do, will there really be any need for iCal anymore?



The simple text entry was innovative when 30boxes did it a while ago… to be honest, in both iterations I’d prefer a simple form.

Jonathan Buys


Maybe I worded that wrong… What I meant to say was that there was no way to edit your backpack calendar with iCal just yet. The subscribe to and import from functions work great!


I dunno. I kinda like being able to access my calendar when I don’t have a net connection.

I don’t see iCal going anywhere.

Bob Lee

FWIW, Google Calendar supports plain language entry as well. And share calendars. And a full blown atom-based API. And evite-style invites. And Gmail integration.

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