Verizon unlimited EV-DO not so unlimited: can you even use RSS?

Vzwaccess_usageWe’ve heard rumors of Verizon shutting down unlimited Broadband Access accounts for some time, but now that it’s happened to ConsumerAffairs, I think we’re about to hear a whole bunch more. Without much warning, ConsumerAffairs received a letter telling them of the impending service shut-down and then the tubes, er, lights went out.

Verizon’s response is that "unlimited" is not misleading because all of the terms are outlined in the service agreement. I’m sure they are in there, but how about changing the marketing-speak of an "unlimited" data plan; clearly if you limit the service in the terms of the agreement, isn’t it a "limited" data plan? Verizon claims to target users that eat up 10 GB of bandwidth per month although ConsumerAffairs used Verizon’s own VZAccess software to determine actual usage of under 10 GB during the prior year! Watch out for the no-no’s per the service agreement: no streaming media, web-cams, nor any VoIP or "automatic data feeds" (which you radical RSS users should just stop doing…r-i-iight…) Hey, whaddya want for just $59.95 a month on top of a qualifying voice plan….actual freedom to use the web the way you see fit?!? Fuh-gedda-bout-it!



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