Verizon unlimited EV-DO not so unlimited: can you even use RSS?


Vzwaccess_usageWe’ve heard rumors of Verizon shutting down unlimited Broadband Access accounts for some time, but now that it’s happened to ConsumerAffairs, I think we’re about to hear a whole bunch more. Without much warning, ConsumerAffairs received a letter telling them of the impending service shut-down and then the tubes, er, lights went out.

Verizon’s response is that "unlimited" is not misleading because all of the terms are outlined in the service agreement. I’m sure they are in there, but how about changing the marketing-speak of an "unlimited" data plan; clearly if you limit the service in the terms of the agreement, isn’t it a "limited" data plan? Verizon claims to target users that eat up 10 GB of bandwidth per month although ConsumerAffairs used Verizon’s own VZAccess software to determine actual usage of under 10 GB during the prior year! Watch out for the no-no’s per the service agreement: no streaming media, web-cams, nor any VoIP or "automatic data feeds" (which you radical RSS users should just stop doing…r-i-iight…) Hey, whaddya want for just $59.95 a month on top of a qualifying voice plan….actual freedom to use the web the way you see fit?!? Fuh-gedda-bout-it!




I have read all of your comments and every thing you guys have said is totally true. Heres my crapy verizon story that just happened to me in the last ummmmmmm 3 days. i bought verizon in all good hand the guy says its unlimited but dont go over the 5g limit, gotcha i dont even download stuff. well heres what happened they forgot to tell the part about just having the internet on uses MB(figures they forgot to leave that part on) but besides that, i cheacked my usege and it said 3g(thats not even downloading stuff)ok well thats fine 2 days later i call verison about my phone bill to find out that i didnt just owe 178 for the whole bill it turned out i owed 750.00$ i about pissed my self. so i went back to look at my usege(that should have been reset the last 5 days ago) and it said i racked up in about 7.5g in 2 or 3 days i about fell and #$%& myself. i havnt contacted verizon yet cus im trying to keep myself from going up there and reachin over the counter and puching the guy square in the face for tellin me b.s. like that. well thats most of the story if any body has advice(besides the great advice here) please contact me at
thank you


Our broad ban works through a telephone number. When we use our phones it will tell us if we are roaming (so we can hang up to avoid extra charges) Verizon Broadban works through a telephone number, how come verizon dosent/isnt unforming us when we are over? arnt they requierd to?


I have verizon aircard with 5GB plan which supposedly almost limitless(that’s what the salesman at the verizon shop told me when I opened the acct). Then I received first bill ,I got over $2,500 surcharge stating that I used over 7GB. My aircard usage record shows I only used less than 2GB,and I never reset the usage that shows detailed record each session I used . I brought my laptop to the shop and talk to at least five customer service people on telephone, They just say that their record is correct, but they would give me credit for surcharge. Is this possible that my pc aircard record is totally wrong? I only used it for checking my email, web browsing, and occasionally for watching videos on youtube. I am not one of those people who plays games and on the web 24/7.

Pat Wisniewski

I am looking for a cell plan with data access. After reading the limitations on Verizon’s “Unlimited” plan, I googled and found many complaints, as I see here. I just registered a complaint with the Federal Trade Commission. Perhaps if we all did so we could bring some pressure to bear on Verizon.


They indeed still charge you the early termination fee.

why wouldn’t they?


Let us know when Verizons TOS terms are redefined for actual “unlimited usage” and my business will sign up.

until then, forget about it.


When Verizon terminates your plan for usage, do they charge you a fee? And, can you return the equipment?

Jenna Breem

I use Sprint EVDO access which I use lots of data access and I have never gotten into any trouble. I can even roam on Verizon and Alltel’s data networks. I never liked Verizon because of their overblown limitations. Go with Sprint or Alltel if you want true unlimited EVDO data access.

Thats GREAT news!

This is an easy way to get out of a VZW contract.

Thats GREAT news!

This is an easy way to get out of a VZW contract.


Just got the letter from Verizon terminating my “unlimited” plan. OK, they have some read-between-the-lines B.S. about what their idea of “data” is. I can almost accept that….but how about at WARNING that I’m exceeding the limit and give me the opportunity to stay within their guidelines? Typical American big business, no wonder our nation has a bleak economic future. If lawyers were even slightly less of a souless money sucking vortex of uselessness as Verizon is, I’d get one and sue Verizon for false advertizing. It’s really cut and dry for us who live in an honest and practical world.


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i signed up with vzw through my company because of a %18 discount on both the unlimited data and 450min calling plan ~$66/month was what i expected to get.
ANYWAY my first bill comes in and they removed my discount on my data plan only. i called to complain and they offerred me $40/month for data argueing that i’m getting a deal since according to them the data plan is $45. excuse me! I called to cancel my data expecting vzw to bluff but they went ahead and cancelled. hello i’m on contract for 2 years don’t you want me to have more than just a calling plan?! its more money for you hello! f them. i’ve since cancelled my calling plan as well. anyone need an xv6700?

Dan Doucet

I have you all topped I just decided to try the service and found it adequate but was concerned about spending $60 a month was really worth it. Anyhow I had the service for less than 2 weeks, Verizon has a Return Guarantee also as long as you return any equipment or end of service before 15 days after date of purchase. Anyhow to make a long story short I terminited my UNLIMITED service after only 5 to 7 days of actually using it. Made the call to Verizon, had the service terminited less i get hit with the termination fee of $175 and even returned the EV-DO card back to point of purchase all within 15 days.
3 months later i get a call from a Collection Agency looking for $899 for Verizon that they can not seem to collect from me. can you believe the had a collection agency call me because no one at Verizon could contact me, I have been a Verizon Wireless customer for over 5 years running.
Anyhow I call Verizon and they told me that I had also somehow violated the UNLIMITED contract and that I owed them $899 dollars. Can you believe that. They even threatened me that if they did not get any money now they would go back to the Collection Agency. Man was I upset to say the least. I tried to get someone to explain to me what I had done but of course no one could explain that. Only that i had exceeded the minutes of the plan and this is what it will cost me. I then researched all the UNLIMITED bull to find out that with most consumers Verizon just terminated the service. Why they decided to charge me is yet to be determined and I have still not seen a Bill with a breakdown of when and how I accummulated all these minutes.
For now i have sent a packet to Verizon informing them that they would not get any more money for me and that since they inadequately explained the term UNLIMITED to me upon purchase that i felt they should give me my money back
In closing if anyone out there has been treated the same way please contact me and any lawyers looking for a Class Action case i think this would make for a great opening statement.


The limit is not 10G/month, it’s 5G/month, which is 166M/day.

A PBS investogator metered his bandwidht use and found that normal use averaged 184M/day.


Verizon advertises “unlimited” service to sign up as many people as possible, then rather than increase capacity or charge more, they “cherry pick” the customers who don’t use very much of it and crudely terminate everyone else.

— faye


i just got booted from verizon.. they told me i was using over 10gb per month.. with my “unlimited” plan… hahaha, hope there is a big lawsuit on the way

Stephen Feger

Well, I’m not saying I like it, but I completely understand it. Everything is based upon usage models. You exceed that model, the company gets upset and tries to get that usage model back into shape.

The same thing happened when the internet first hit. Phone call pricing was based on a average call length of several minutes. Once the Internet hit, people were using up the lines with dial-up modems for hours at a time. The telecos screamed that they were loosing boatloads of money. Of course, they then deployed DSL and other broadband technologies. The same can be said for broadband now. There are people that get knocked off of their DSL or cable service for violating their company’s TOS. If they’re trying up all the bandwidth on their pipe all day every day, downloading ISOs and movies, etc…, someone is going to come after them. You hear it all the time now with the Net nutrality discussions about how some people are taking up a lions share of bandwidth and they should be charged accordingly. But how many people actually know somone that got bumped? Few, I would think.

The American love of the buffet style is legendary and I don’t want my unlimited plan being played with any more that anyone else. But this is not something new and it’s not something that most people will have to concern themselves with.

John Gibson

JK, I agree but they need to bring more to the table than a strict bw usage model to conclude a violation of TOS. If the user was using their EVDO to download the MSDN catalog of software every day they could use 10GB of data in a short amount of time w/o violating any of their TOS.


Unfortunately a company can offer an unlimited plan but that doesn’t preclude the enforcement of the Terms of Service, which is what Verizon is allegedly doing here. The plan itself doesn’t matter if they rule you are violating the TOS they can kick you out. I don’t like it but that’s the facts.

Don't Panic!

Unlimited means without limits if this goes to court I hope the judge doesn’t get an aneurysm from laughing so hard.

Don't Panic!

Unlimited means without limits if this goes to court I hope the judge doesn’t get an aneurysm from laughing so hard.

Don't Panic!

Unlimited means without limits if this goes to court I hope the judge doesn’t get an aneurysm from laughing so hard.

Don't Panic!

Unlimited means without limits if this goes to court I hope the judge doesn’t get an aneurysm from laughing so hard.

Don't Panic!

Unlimited means without limits if this goes to court I hope the judge doesn’t get an aneurysm from laughing so hard.


What I find very strange about this is that while it’s no surprise that Verizon has stated it’s going to a tiered pricing structure based on bandwidth consumed they haven’t done so yet. This makes the move to cancel the account as mentioned in this article quite silly. Most likely had they waited they had a shot to switch it to a tiered rate plan, now they have none.

Warner Crocker

I smell a lawsuit which will probably be heard about 10 years from now, when the fight will be over an entirely new technology.

Steve Breen

I *really* wanted EV-DO … but stories like this shied me away.(My first post on my newest blog is on this very topic) With my usage patterns I’d be cancel bait inside 2 weeks with Verizon I’m sure. Big thumbs down on the way Verizon is managing the marketing of this product. If it’s not unlimited then just say what it is…

I went with T-Mobile, and yeah, EDGE performance is decidedly just ok, but I stream and download away without fear, so hey, that’s gotta count for something, huh? :)


Pathetic. It’s pretty obvious that not a single customer would read a 20-page fine-print agreement (ever rented a car? Sign here, here, here. Initial here, here, here… did you read what you agreed to?).

Then again, this could potentially be used to your advantage, if you want to get out of your contract before it’s up — assuming the 20-page contract doesn’t specify that they can cancel your account and charge an early termination fee even for that.

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