Samsung updates Display Manager for the Q1


Display_manager_updateOne of the early issues with the Samsung Q1 may be resolved. Initial experiences from several folks, including me, showed that the Display Rotation function would apparently stop working; a real shame since the Q1 is the only UMPC with support for rotation. A few days ago, Samsung released an update for the Display Manager and folks over at the Origami Project forums are reporting positive findings.

When I recently rebuilt the Q1, I almost didn’t reinstall Samsung Update Plus, which is the application that periodically checks for Q1 software upgrades. Luckily I did install it and sure enough, I’ve got the new version as well. So far so good for me; folks apparently had screen rotation issues after hibernation, but I tend to solely use Standby and not Hibernate, so I can’t verify that fix.



Heath M. Bryant

Is it safe to store the Q1 in the neoprene sleeve ( with the fan vent exposed) while in standby? Your help would be appreciated.

I also want to take a moment to thank you folks for the informative site. I heavily researched the Q1, at you site, before buying it. I have also checked it daily since buying it. Without the information on your site, I doubt I would have even purchased this great little gadget.

Thanks again,
Heath Bryant

John in Norway

I’ve had the update for a few days and I still have the hibernate problem. Not a big deal though because this little gadget is just what I’ve been waiting for for years.

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