Real-time Skype translation with ULRTMT?


Skype_translation On the surface, the Universal Language Real-Time Message Translator, or ULRTMT, sounds amazing in any language. It appears to be a web-based language translation service for Skype that takes advantage of the Skype4COM library available directly thorough Skype’s developer page. After installing the library (which may require some browser security mods), you can theoretically Skype chat with one or more people and have real-time translation of your chat in most of the major languages including English, French, German, Spanish, Arabic, Italian and bunches more.

The webpage that uses the service to show you the translation (shown) won’t win any design awards, but it’s only meant to illustrate the service. I personally didn’t get the service working between two Skype clients, but there’s a fair chance that my security settings might be causing that to happen. If anyone has some time to kill and gets this to work, definitely report your findings back in the comments! If folks can get this working well, I’d see this as a completely new value-add to the Skype service. Ciao! for now.

UPDATE: thanks to the developer stopping by in the comments, this is now working for me and it’s WAY cool. The issue: I had added the web site to the Trusted Sites of one of my two PCs and not both, which caused the service to not work originally. OK, now who wants to be my faraway Skype PenPal in a different language? ;)




Have a NEW version of this if others are interested, hopefully you also might get some time to check it out as well :-)

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Kevin C. Tofel

Thanks for the comments; I was at one desk using mutiple Skype clients on mutiple PCs, so I definitely had a two-way chat going (even if it was just me on both ends!) ;) I thought I added the site to my Trusted Sites, but I’ll double-check and give it another try. Thanks again for the assist!

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