RAZR line gets HSDPA in Q4


Moto_hsdpa_razrSince folks have the ridiculous desire to use wireless broadband the way they sit fit [you know who you are you wireless "heathens"! ;)], options other than the limited-unlimited Verizon EV-DO plans are always good. Morotola is providing the hardware for one of those options with the introduction of HSDPA in new RAZR handsets late this year. The initial units are slated for the European market, but there are hints that we’ll see these here in the U.S. as well. While we can’t determine if these HSDPA phones will be limited in what you can use them for (as that’s up the carriers), we can tell you that HSDPA is a solid rival to EV-DO due to its capability of download speeds up to 3.6 Mbps.


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