Nokia 6265 – First Impressions

Just got my new cell phone delivered today, and thought I’d share the ups and downs of the setup experience.

First step: turn on Bluetooth. If you’re lucky enough to live in Brazil, this is an excellent opportunity to see how a careless translation can royally screw up an interface. In the Connections configuration, the Bluetooth on/off is marked as “Destivar” (translated: “Deactivate”). This would lead any sane person to believe that nothing more need be done.

Wrong. They translated “Active” to “Ativar” and “Inactive” to “Desativar”. Note to Nokia: changing an adjective to a verb should not be done without at least a little forethought.

After turning Bluetooth on, you still have to open “Bluetooth Configuration” and make your phone visible. So much for plug and play.

So, Bluetooth is on. Now you have to setup your phone to connect to the OS. Opened up the Bluetooth System Preferences, clicked on “Setup new device” and within a minute I was up and running.

Time to sync up my address book. What? iSync doesn’t support this model? Thank god for OnSync.

Within a couple of minutes, I’ve skinned my phone’s interface with a sick Aqua theme courtesy of Dan Schwartz.

Finally, I can get to the fun: setting my ringtone to the opening bars of Paranoid Android. I spend 15 minutes on Google looking for a program to transfer mp3s before realizing that Bluetooth File Exchange is sitting right under my nose in /Applications/Utilities.

The transfer works fine, but when I try to set my ringtone, I get a message that it’s been blocked. Thank you, Vivo, for protecting me from malicious mp3 files and giving me the option to pay you for MIDIs instead.

I think I’ll be exploring other options.


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