Should Social News Sites Pay Top Contributors?

A very good story from Mark Glaser, about a raging controversy being discussed on other blogs and social news sites: whether sites such as Digg, Reddit and now Netscape should pay their top users/bookmarkers for their services to the sites? Jason Calacanis, who is now heading the new avatar of Netspace, offered to hire away and pay $1K a month to top contributors of Digg, in an effort to help seed the new Netscape. Jason took a lot of heat on this, though there were some good considered opinions favoring him as well.
Anyway, Mark brings it all together in this story. I found Digg CEO and co-founder Jay Adelson’s answers in the story pretty childish (the ones about not ever paying its contributors, ever), though he may have more context to it than what was just quoted. Then this one from him I liked: “It’s not something where there’s a short list of characters, like a team, that if you buy them, you’ll win the World Series…It doesn’t quite work that way, but it could help with the submission quality at Netscape.”
A very good point comes from a comment on this story, by Bruce Milligan: “Digg and Reddit and Netscape are not conclusions, they are hypotheses. The big idea here is not about who’s right or wrong, whether we should be paying social bookmarkers or not. Of course we should — mostly because Netscape’s value-recognition model MUST be tested. If someone like Jason doesn’t try it, then we’ll never know under what circumstances this model will work, if at all.”