Quicksilver Starred and Cubed

Cubed UIGranted this isn’t fresh out of the oven. It’s already been heavily Dugg eons ago, in web years, so I suppose this makes me terribly lame. No one’s ever mistaken me for a timely hipster but if Quicksilver is your North Star then changing its UI into a Cube might be worth ten minutes of procrastinating bliss.

The Cube is nice and customizable as you’d expect. It’ll also rotate much like the desktop does when you switch users. If you get real close to the screen, go ahead, stick your nose right on it, and make it flip real fast you might get light headed but other than that its novelty wears of pretty quickly. At the very least it gives you another Interface option to choose from and options are a very good thing. As for me, I’ll stick with the Bezel UI. Its polished simplicity appeals to my need for calm but, in the end, it all comes down to a matter of personal preference.

Bevel Interface

If you’re feeling robust and dizzy after getting jiggy with the Cube you could check out the Constellation UI for a real mind trip. It’s more of a mouse based jaunt around Quicksilver. My brain’s a fragile little thing and needs to be handled with care so I didn’t jump in the deep end but it wasn’t much of a hassle to get the Constellation working. Not quite as clear cut as the Cube but you won’t be sweating and kicking the cat at the end either. You can read more about firing up the Constellation at #FFOOAA or ride this link to a Quicksilver forum disscusion on the matter. It sure is perty though.

Constellation UI


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