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Netvibes Integrates Meebo

We just chatted with Meebo co-founder Seth Sternberg and he told us that he just closed a deal with Netvibes to create a Meebo module for fully integrated IM access within the Netvibes site. The Netvibes blog has some screen shot here and more info on the functions. Seth had no comment on the financials of the deal, but its a significant partnership for the IM startup. And the Meebo team figured out sometimes tricky cross-scripting so the Meebo module tab lights up when an IM is received. Cool!

5 Responses to “Netvibes Integrates Meebo”

  1. What’s Netvibes bringing to the table when Google’s got it’s IG page?
    I reckon Netvibes in just another “me too” service on the personalized homepage bandwagon, and until they do something revolutionary, they’ll play second best to the big boyz.


  2. I use netvibes as my homepage, it is a bit slow, but that is offset by the ease with which I can see new mail and RSS feeds in one go. Meebo integration is a step in the right direction. And Gaurav. Netvibes will sruvive because it already has a large user-base. just like Google Talk didn’t kill AIM or MSN messenger.