Judie’s DualCor cPC has arrived!

Unpackingthecpc8_1Since the DualCor cPC didn’t materialize in the first quarter as expected, there are very few shots of it in the wild. Judie over at The Gadgeteer just received her engineering sample for review and while she hasn’t had a chance to use the unit for review purposes, she’s got a ton of great unboxing pictures. Right off the bat, I’d say DualCor made the same mistake Samsung did: they didn’t solicit any end-user opinions on stylus design. The DualCor stylus looks even less usable than the Samsung Q1 stylus, which I think is a major flaw. Let’s face it: if you’re selling a touchscreen Tablet PC without a keyboard, i.e.; a slate, shouldn’t that stylus design be pretty high on the priority and usability list? Anyway, for plenty o’ pics, hit up Judie’s diary.



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