Handwriting Recognition Personalization Tool in Vista


I’ve often heard people correctly say "I don’t train my Tablet PC how I write; it trains me to write differently." From personal experience, I completely agree with that statement as over time I’ve modified my tablet input style and have the illusion of the Tablet PC understanding me better. This all changes in Vista with the Handwriting Recognition Personalization Tool. Much like voice training and creating a speech profile in XP, Vista will "learn" your personal handwriting profile.


If you haven’t seen the info and screen-caps on this Vista feature, just head over to the Improve Tablet PC Experience page that Microsoft has on the Vista site. Scroll down down about halfway on Terri Stratton’s excellent article and you’ll get a nice overview of how you can train your Tablet in Vista. I should have read this first since when I put Vista on the Q1, I tested the training with commands like "Sit!" & "Speak!" Needless to say, Sammy didn’t obey.

(via TabletGear)


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