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GarageBand Gets $2.5 Million Funding From Khosla, Pittman; Launching Social Music Discovery Service, the SF-based indie music community and resource site with oh-so-much-promise-but-never-quiet-a-breakout, is having another go at it this time: it has raised $2.5 million in funding from strategic investors including Vinod Khosla, Bob Pittman and Herb Allen III of Allen & Company. It also included other individuals from the music, internet, and media industries, the company said.
It is preparing to launch “iLike,” a new social music discovery service…sounds a bit like other that exist out there: Mog, launched recently, is one. MusicMobs, also launched recently (see comment below), is another. Pandora of course has a heavy music-discovery element built in. The interesting bit is that iLike will have an app which will work with iTunes to help discover new artists based on their listening habits, or so the company says.
Hadi Partovi — the former GM of and group program manager of Internet Explorer — recently joined GarageBand as the COO. More on that here in this SeattlePI story.