Flybook V33i: another Tablet PC without Tablet PC

Flybook_1Several retailers in the UK have made the Flybook V33i available recently; Widget UK is the latest on my radar so I revisited this small notebook based on their news. While it’s great to see the new Flybook running an Intel Pentium M at 1.1 GHz in lieu of the previous Transmeta Crusoe, it still boggles my mind that the touchscreen device runs Windows XP Pro out of the box. I realize that other touchscreen portables have the same limitation and it’s been noted that the Tablet Edition is a missing element.

Yes, this all changes when Vista hits the market with it’s built in Tablet PC functionality in most editions, but if you’re going to market an "8.9 inch wide-view TFT touchscreen display [that] rotates to provide tablet PC functionality", shouldn’t it truly have tablet PC functionality? I suppose that phrase is generic enough to cover Flybook’s bases, but it only adds confusion to an already perplexed public.

Presenting the other side of the coin, I see in the Flybook FAQs that there is a question on using RitePen, so it appears that RitePen is bundled with the Flybook. Unfortunately, there’s no listing of pre-installed programs on the product page, which could be very useful for prospective purchasers.



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