Ubuntu for U on the Sony-UX


Sonyux_ubuntuiIt feels like just last week we were discussing Linux on the Samsung Q1; oh, it was! This week’s "Linux in your hand" feature comes courtesy of Kiwi-land and Geekzone. Looks like the Sony UX is marketed in New Zealand as the UX-17, but it’s the same li’l squirt of a handheld we all know by its many other names. There aren’t any detailed steps along the way of the installation, but there are plenty of pics to drool over for fans of the Sony UX and Linux alike!

One question I have for any ultra-mobile PC owners (current or prospective) out there: are you now or planning to run a multi-boot system? At one point, I had a Vista build on the Q1, but pulled it to reclaim some disk space. Then again, the newest build is pretty stable….I think I feel a W?BIC project coming on again.




If HWR would be available on Linux, I’d trim down the Windows and leave a basic version there, as it is sometimes nice to have…

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