Samsung eyes enterprises in UMPC strategy

Samsung_q1_6Samsung has some long range plans to gain a foothold in the U.S. notebook market and key to those plans appear to be tiny footsteps with the itty-bitty Q1 UMPC. Baseline shares the details and pre-announces an expected Samsung news bit that the company has a deal to sell a quantity of the UMPCs to a single corporation. This ought to send a worrisome shockwave across the bow of OQO and DualCor, but the market is big enough for good competition and uniquely featured devices.

Samsung realizes they can’t dive into to the already crowded notebook market here, so this is a good move. If they can gain momentum and brand name recognition through UMPCs in the enterprise and verticals like healthcare and sales areas (perfect areas for this class of device), they’ll go a long way towards generating interest in traditional notebooks. Among the other tidbits, it’s clear that Samsung is already planning (if not working on) the next round of UMPC offerings for later this year. If they want any usability or technical feedback, I’m cheap and I’m available. Oh, that doesn’t sound too good…..



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