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Routebuddy released – is it any good?

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Routebuddy has just been released, and in an effort to get in there before everyone else I just downloaded and gave the app a quick spin.


Firstly… why do I personally want a GPS / mapping app? A fairly newfound hobby of mine has been to start tracking walks and mountain bike trails using my Garmin etrex. Right now, there is no neat, simple software around to help me manage my tracks, waypoints, and routes, which is distinctly uncool considering that there must be a decent size market for this kind of thing, which Garmin has recognised.

So Routebuddy could be set to fill a nice hole in the market… however, it’s just not full featured enough for me to shell out $99.95 for the app, plus $49.95 for the basemap of the UK. It seems too driving centric for me right now, with live onscreen position display – great for the few that have Mac minis or use their laptops in the car, but for those that don’t the application is just too closed. It will display any routes, tracks and waypoints that you import on the great looking TeleAtlas maps (the same as those supplied in Google maps) but there is no way of getting them out again! Not in kml, gpx, or any other format that could be recognised by other programs, such as Google Earth, maps etc. Sorry Routebuddy, not good enough.

So until file export/map sharing is improved beyond Routebuddy owners only, I’ll be passing. It does have great potential though, with a nice UI and great looking maps, so I’ll be monitoring the feature upgrades closely.

via MacVroom

4 Responses to “Routebuddy released – is it any good?”

  1. As of February 2010, RouteBuddy is worthless. The displays are frustratingly slow. You still can’t buy topo maps for many states. The routing program generates unacceptable results. The interface is difficult to learn because it is not intuitive at all. Even the help option is hard to follow. Don’t waste your money on RouteBuddy.

  2. I have a Sony Ericsson W600i walkman phone. When I purchased the phone through Cingular I had a windows based desktop. The disc2phone software included with the phone worked to put songs on the phone from my HD. I have now purchased an Macbook Pro from Apple and the Disc2phone software does not work!!!

    Do you know of any way that I can get songs on to my phone with a Mac?!?

    Thank you in advance for your time, I really appreciate it.