Minnesota University uses Tablets and Podcasting for class


Tegrity_podcastI thought I was cool in college with a scientific calculator (I wasn’t), but Saint Mary’s University really puts me to shame. The school has adopted several mobile technology methods which extend learning far beyond the classroom. SMU just signed a three-year agreement with Tegrity for the Tegrity Campus service that provides the framework for the technology. Faculty will use Tegrity Capture along with a Tablet PC or a Tegrity digital pen and notebook and the class lectures are then made available as podcasts for students to watch and listen to on their iPods. According to students who piloted the system, over two-thirds of them believe that it helped them in the learning process.

I’m all for the time-shifting of the class lectures, but now that they can place-shift them too, I’d expect the local bars and clubs to be quite the centers for educational excellence.


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