Men at Work At MySpace

MySpace, the largest social network in the world went dark this past weekend, thanks to a large-scale blackout in downtown Los Angeles, according to company officials. The outage that left nearly 80-million users without access to their pages for a few hours, has galvanized MySpace’s corporate parent, Fox Interactive Media into spending more and building redundancy for the fast growing network.

“The weekend was brutal, and caused some issues,” FIM president Ross Levinsohn said in an interview this morning. (Read, The Sly Fox.) He explained that MySpace has two data centers in the Los Angeles area – one in downtown LA that is operated by InterNAP, and another in El Segundo, that is owned by Equinix.

The problem was in the downtown building. A switch meltdown caused blackouts in downtown and shut down the building, only to be followed by air-conditioning outage. “Suddenly our servers heated up and (nearly) melted,” Levinsohn added. “We are looking to add more data centers, preferably on the East Coast to make the system even more redundant.”

Levinsohn admitted that it was going to take time, since these are complex issues. He did say that the company is sparing no expense to keep MySpace performing at its optimum best. Maybe the blackout served as a wake-up call for News Corp. – the multinational that Murdoch built is no longer just a media giant, it is a technology company and needs to spend like one.