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Look Ma, No tail!

Bluetooth Mighty Mouse

Today, nearly a year after the debut of the Mighty Mouse, Apple announced it’s wireless brother, the aptly named wireless Mighty Mouse.

Aside from the obvious distinction of the wireless mouse being, well, wireless, it also uses laser tracking rather than optical tracking found in the wired mouse. The wireless Mighty Mouse requires Mac OS X 10.4.6 or later, no mention of Windows support yet. The mouse is powered by AA Batteries (one or two batteries, “you decide,” says Apple).

The only thing that irks me is that it took them so long to do it. Many, myself included, expected the wireless Mighty Mouse right on the heels of the wired one.

10 Responses to “Look Ma, No tail!”

  1. I don’t know… I have a Mighty Mouse with a tail and I’m not too happy with it. I get rogue right-clicks when trying to left-click sometimes and am not a big fan of the “buttons.” The only really awesome feature is the scroll ball, which I love.

    I might get one though… they might have fixed the sensetivity of the buttons. It’s pretty affordable for a bluetooth mouse.

  2. Laser is awesome, the choice of batteries is awesome (i like a heavier mouse, some people likely prefer it lighter) and I can see why they waited. Wireless is the way to go these days, they were probably just getting rid of some stock of their other mice / didn’t want to cannibalize the sales of the wired version so soon after it’s release.

    I’m excited about this! Now I just have to work up the courage to go to the site and look at the price :