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Apple Working With Publishers; iBooks On Route?: Report

Engadget has heard from “separate, trustworthy insiders” that Apple wants to move beyond Audible’s digital audio books, which could mean an iPod version of eBooks. The clues:
— a source at a major publishing house told Engadget the publisher is archiving all of its manuscripts to ship to Apple HQ.
— another source says an upcoming iPod will have enough wide-screen real estate for reading and will come with a book-reading mode.
Variety: “… while none of the major publishers would admit to meeting with Apple, the industry has been on high alert since a Google program blindsided it last year. It is more likely to be proactive about digital downloads than in the past. … Said one exec: ‘We’re all in the middle of digitizing our content, and figuring out what to do with it.'”
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