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The Spock Crew

Last week we unearthed a few details about the stealthy search startup SPOCK, backed by Clearstone Venture Partners. (The company says its officially all-caps for the name, given it was first an acronym. Well, OK!) This morning SPOCK CEO Jaideep Singh emailed us with some more information about the company and the team he’s accrued.

Jaideep (co-founder and CEO) was formerly a VC at Clearstone, and says he has teamed up with Jay Bhatti (co-founder and VP of Product), a Microsoft alum. The two turned to Jeff Winner to be the founding VP of Engineering, who was an exec at Friendster, eGroups, DemandTech, Netscape, Verity, and Oracle. Hongche Liu (from Yahoo), is the founding chief information architect.

Jaideep still won’t tell us more about the technology for “competitive reasons,” but says an alpha product will likely be available in a few months.

5 Responses to “The Spock Crew”

  1. I would venture that “personal search” implies gathering information using some kind of mobile device (perhaps attached to a cellular phone for good marketability) which can later be indexed and made searchable in the user’s computer.

    For example just making an earplug, compatible with the major brands of cell phones, which records conversations, ambient sound and voice memos, would open up a huge market.

    The few clues they leave on their web site seems to imply something similar.