Sony Still Pitching UMDs But Exploring Online Movie Options For PSP

Sony’s PSP team used some of its face time at Comic-Con to remind people that UMDs are still for sale. The memory-stick format for PSP has had some rocky times since the launch rush as some studios and retailers pulled back but Sony says more than 350 UMD titles are available. Also, according to Ars Technica, both Sony and Fox have titles in the pipeline. But UMD isn’t the real priority anymore as Sony Connect looks for secure online-to-PSP distribution options. Other PSP bits:
— Sony is working on a PSP-TV connection and next week plans to add support for video delivery via RSS.
— PSPs will be able to function as “remotes” for PlayStation 3, raising the potential of delivering Blu-Ray DVDs via PSP although not sure how this would work.
IGN: Sony is negotiating with wireless providers to create more PSP hotspots.