Say “Cheese”; the Nokia N73 and N93 now shipping


N73 They’re not Windows Mobile and they’re not Palm devices, but boy oh boy do these look sweet! Nokia finally got the N73 and N93 handsets out the door (even though they announced ’em in April) and if you’re a camera addict, then these are for you. Each model sports a 3.2 Megapixel camera and even though we all know that megapixels aren’t the most important aspect, these camera sensors are paired with Carl Zeiss optics!

Both are next gens of previous Nokia N-series devices, the N70 and N90, each of which were solid models to begin with. The N73 is a candy-bar style phone running Series 60 3rd Edition on the Symbian OS. Big brother N93 runs the same OS, but has a unique swivel design that really helps with the extensive video capture functionality; we’re talking about VGA at 30 fps second here! Looks like the N73 will cost around 400 Euro, but no word on a price for the N93; I’d expect it to be even higher. Check the full deets in the PRs for the N73 and the N93 direct from Nokia.



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