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I Use This
Perhaps you’re still one of those people who uses MacUpdate or VersionTracker to get his or her software downloads? How passe? Nowadays we have I Use This. Now, no one is going to say that MacUpdate and VersionTracker are going down the drain, in fact they are both soaring with high user-bases and improving features. It’s just that the ball-game is changing for the better, and it won’t be long before software downloads evolve to something much more interactive and intuitive.

I Use This provides a community rated system to inform you of new updates and how popular those updates are amongst the Mac community. To any viewer, it’s a digg clone, yet this one may actually have a chance. You see things like blatant rip offs of digg attempting to emulate it exactly every day, and funny how things goes, you never seem them again. I Use This, unlike its digg-clone competitors, is here to stay, or at least its idea is here to stay. Each new release of software for the Mac is posted to the site. No moderation, no interference, no hindrance. Immediately you see the newest and latest evolvements in Mac software. Like digg, the community filters out the good and the bad. Each application on I Use This is given an equal opportunity to gain fame. Every member of I Use This can vote on apps that they use by simply clicking a button. The more users who find an application cool, innovative or useful means even more people download it.

What’s important to note is the front-row placement of user feedback. On sites like MacUpdate, listing all apps takes the show over how useful the app actually is. Yes of course MacUpdate and VersionTracker both let you rate and comment on applications, but this does not affect the applications placement nor do the sites place user feedback on the list pages. I Use This triumphs in the fact that you can use it to see all product updates or use it to see ones that are popular amongst the community or your set of friends. This is the wave of the future, particularly user feedback and friend integration.

I care a whole bunch more about what my friends thought was interesting than what some random user rated a certain application as. Now, this random user often selects good apps (the democracy mentality), but I place a great deal more faith in my friends. I can easily see exactly what they use and what applications they love.

Can one say that I Use This is here to stay and will soon become the next MacUpdate? No one knows exactly, yet I am sure that this new, innovative idea of depending on user feedback and most specifically friend integration will make its way into new revisions of the MacUpdate and VersionTracker sites. Yes, there is no doubt that within the next few months we will start seeing a social flare added to the two most popular Mac download sites. You will start seeing a community forming around MacUpdate and VersionTracker, as well as the definite incorporation of a friends tool into the sites to show you what are the coolest apps according to the community and what are the coolest apps according to your friends.

Take a look at I Use This and start filling in your collection.



Thanks for the tip… Unfortunately, all I’m getting is a “server not found” error at the URL you published. I also can’t find http://www.iusethis.org or any other variation… growing pains? I hope it isn’t cause they’re using Windows servers. Bleeccchhh! In the meantime, MacUpdate is pretty reliable, and very full of great stuff . ;-) I no longer do VersionTracker … I can’t handle more than one “new Mac OS X software” feed at a time these days. Simply too much great stuff out there…


How are those folks that rate apps at I Use This more friendly or less random those that rate apps at MacUpdate or Verstion Tracker?


Looks cool, but I’m still waiting for them to validate my registration from over a week ago.

Do you think there might be a problem? ;-)

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