A Shiny New Shira

If you’ve recently read Delusions of Grandeur’s excellent review of Shira 2.0 and thought to yourself, “Damn him. I want a copy to play with,” well now you can stop damning him because a build of Shira 2.0 is available (or here) for everyone’s greasy little hands. Acting fast may be in your best interests. I don’t know if the links will stay active forever. Predictably, giving me access to downloads is like putting a crack addict in a Columbian coke factory, I downloaded the build and played with it for a little bit.

Hastily Grabbed Screenshot of Shira

It’s buggy, to be expected. Buttons don’t always do what they’re told, tabs start ghosting and acting like petulant children and if you can’t read Japanese then the preferences may be a problem but what true Mac junky would let some bugs and a little foreign language stop them.

The eye candy that immediately pops out is tab expose, much like the Firefox extension and a tabbed browsing experience like OmniWebs, though it sits at the bottom of the screen (see screenshot above), not the side. Perhaps this can be changed. I don’t know. I’m not sure I’d use this feature myself. I like to feel expansive when using a browser, not squeezed, but it’s a neat add-on. So why not stop all that important work and go play with the new toy. I’m not sure it’ll make me switch from Camino but it’s probably unfair to slap a verdict on Shira after playing with a buggy build.

“Oh what a tangled web we weave,” probably best describes how the Internet works for me. Remembering how and why I’ve stumbled upon a site or download is often an exercise in futility which in the case of blog writing isn’t a practice to get comfortable with otherwise you end up passing yourself of as the central brain to the web. So I should mention I stumbled upon the Shira download via Digg, which lead me to Phill Ryu. Feel free to visit him to find out how he discovered the Shira build.