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70+ WPM on a PDA with TenGo Free

Tengo_1If I didn’t watch the video with my own four eyes, I wouldn’t believe that someone can input over 70 words per minute on a PDA without a keyboard! It’s true all thanks to TenGO with is free for personal, non-commercial use on a PocketPC 2003 or Windows Mobile 5.0 device. After watching the speed-typist video I then went through the standard demo video to see how such speeds are accomplished on a touchscreen keyboard.

What an elegant solution! Instead of 26 individual small keys, TenGO uses the same QWERTY keyboard layout, but lumps the letters together into six large keys. When combined with predictive text entry, you can pound out letters pretty quickly using just those six keys. The beauty of the design is that you don’t have to learn a new keyboard layout, you just have to re-train your brain to use the six quadrants in lieu of 26 of ’em! I’m wondering if Microsoft could take a cue here for future TIP enhancements on a Tablet PC… THAT would be interesting!

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6 Responses to “70+ WPM on a PDA with TenGo Free”

  1. Bob Schild

    In mid April I upgraded the ROM on my AT&T Tilt and reinstalled the software. Since then I’ve been trying to get a new license code from Tengo and my emails have gone unanswered. Do you know of any problems with the Tengo folks as to why they are not answering emails?

  2. Davey A in the UK

    This is a really good tool.
    been using it on my Toshiba e800 for over a month now , excellent in meetings and conferences etc.
    highly recommended

  3. Steve Flood

    Thanks for the tip. This is definately now my preffered method of input on my Toshiba E800.

    Now if only I can stop myself buying a UMPC when I go to China next week!!!

  4. Malcolm Clouston

    I downloaded and installed this product immediately after reading this post, and have to admit that its pretty cool – for certain tasks. I can see how, with a bit of practice, this could really become my preferred method of text-entry on my HP6822 (wm5)

    The only problems I faced were due to the fact that the HP has a small screen, which means the margin for error when hitting the secondary buttons – functions, punctuation etc – is very small. Definitely worth persevering with however….

    The one thing it doesn’t seem very useful for is entering URL’s etc – Tengo is really based on predictive imput using its inbuilt dictionary, and just getting a www. seems almost impossible. If the ability to add aliases/words to the dictionary were added, Tengo would be almost perfect. In this I mean for example type in “google” and have the full URL inserted in the address bar.

    Great product though…