MTV’s User-Gen TV Channel Flux To Launch in UK; Possible U.S. Rollout

Updated: read below: MTV is doing a extreme version of CurrentTV in UK: it has already announced plans for its Flux brand (as a mobile and user-driven service), and is now close to launching (on Sep 6) a TV channel based on the concept. Only in UK for now, but plans to roll out in other countries as well, if the experiment goes well.
The channel will allow users to choose which music videos are displayed on the channel, and display their own videos and messages alongside (which can be sent/uploaded through phone and online). It will have no traditional schedule, but will be overseen by a controller, however, to ensure it abides by broadcasting regulations and MTV will monitor all user-generated content.
The channel will carry advertising and users will not be charged for signing up to the website.
The service borrows from ideas trialled on websites in Japan and Italy.
In U.S., for now, it seems Flux is the brand for its off-portal strategy…judging by the site.
Updated: A couple of our Italian readers have alrted us in comments below that Flux is also a TV channel in Italy, so UK is the second country where MTV is launching it, not the first.
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