Call of Duty 2


Ok, I just got my blood pressure down enough to type this out. I must say well done. It was hard to put it down and realize four hours had passed.

Call of Duty 2 is not a game for all Macs though. Requiring a G5 or Intel 1.8Ghz or higher, an Ati Radeon 9600 or GeForce FX5200 or higher, and 512MB of RAM means this game is just that intense. Aspyr has al the requirements, so I won’t bore you with details. On my Dual 2.5Ghz G5 with the ATI 9800 I had no problems running it at full resolution on a 23″ display. Oh, and I have OS X Server running on there as well! If you’re wondering if your system can support it, here is Apple’s specification database.

The game starts you out fighting for the Russians and gives you a quick introduction. There’s no time for training, because the Germans are advancing on your position quickly. Before you know it, you’re lobbing grenades and capping facists from all directions.

If you played the original CoD and it’s expansion pack, you’ll find all the things that bothered you about that release are gone. There is a grenade indicator now, giving you a psuedo-radar view of where the explosive is and as long as it’s behind you everyone is safe.

The AI is vastly improved too. For example, one of my commrades ran in front of me and ducked under my line of fire while I covered for him. Your team will also scream at you when moving in their line of fire. Running and shooting is much more difficult too, as your weapon will strafe from the center. In the original game, I found myself able to knock people off fairly easily while running. This caused me to take more risks and use the butt stock of the rifle more than ever. Also if you attempt to advance the line and you’re the first out, a flurry of covering fire and screams to ‘cover him!’ come from behind. Of course, it’s not perfect and I was accused of betraying the motherland more than once.

The ‘g’ key for grenades is a blessing and a curse (I ended up assigning right mouse button to it.). The ‘f’ key is the default for trying to use or pick up an item. On more than one occasion I ended up blowing away my team while trying to pick up a weapon or repair some cabling. Such is the fog of war…

I have one question for Aspyr though. The box I recieved is about the thickness of Texas Toast, and the contents are unjustified for it. What is going on there? The manual is as thick as the DVD the game is on!

I’m very happy with this game, and I look forward to closing this browser and getting back to it. Maybe you’ll see toadkicker out there playing, come join in!



Shame this game made it barely a year compatibility wise.

It won’t run on most of the new macs because of incompatibility with the video cards (MacPro with x1900, new MacBook Pros, new iMacs).

Aspyr is aware of it and says it will not be fixed.


I play Call of Duty 2 on a new iMac.
When I get shot by few bullets, it does not show me that I am hurt and died. Thus cannot finish the El Daba.
Thanks for your help


You need a 2 button mouse. Right click to look through the scope and then leeft click to shoot. Oh and hold the Shift key down to steady.

Timothy Rowley

Hello, I am currently stuck as a Russian soldier in a building with a sniper rifle. I can’t figure out how to look through the scope and fire the rifle at the same time. I can fire the rifle using my mouse but not look through the sight at the same time for an accurate shot. My commrades are depending on me. HELP….


Hello there
i play COD 2 all the time as many of you do
BUT does anyone else get the problem of COD2 not working on new Windows XP MC version because mines either really glitchy or doesnt work
Please write to me on if you can share any light on my situation

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