The Microsoft To-Do List


Spurred on by the news of Zune, and some thoughtful comments by my good friend, Pip Coburn, here is a Microsoft To-Do List. Its not complete, so leave your to-do-items in comments and I can add them later to the big list.

1. Figure out a way to keep the current cash cows, Windows and Office, creating more cash, and induce users to upgrade.
2. Ship the next versions of cash cow products, Windows and Office, and pray that people want to upgrade.
3. Turn its entire product line “LIVE” and future proof the company as transition to web unfolds over the next decade.
4. Out iPod iPod with Zune.
5. Turn Origami into a hot seller. (How many of you are chuckling?)
6. Take over the wireless world with Mobile Windows.
7. Become the dominating force in wireless email via ActiveSync, pummeling Blackberry into dust.
8. Deliver IPTV platforms for some of the most demanding customers in the world – Telephone companies.
9. Lets partner with (someone) to out-hustle Cisco in VoIP.
10. Team with someone to beat AOL in the IM space.
11. Turn XBox into a profitable business. This one might happen sooner than we think because, Sony is busy shooting itself in the foot.
12. Make Media Center work like a real consumer electronics device.
13. Let all of Microsoft work together. (Send up a bat signal for Lou Gerstner, now!)
14. Lets start by saying – we will play nice with everyone, and then couple of days later announce Zune.
15. Oh come on, its already such a long list, that one needs to sign-up for Ta Da List .

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