Yahoo News-Gawker Go Separate Ways

Looks like the non-paying relationship with Yahoo News was another casualty in Nick Denton’s recent Gawker housecleaning although the decision to cease was mutual. In a sense, it’s much ado about nothing, although we were among those who covered the agreement between Gawker and Yahoo for the portal to highlight links to posts by five of the network’s top blogs. It was an interesting idea: Yahoo News wanted to show it could be more blogcentric while Gawker hoped to gain traffic. As Denton explained on his blog earlier this week, the deal “garnered way more attention than we expected, but less traffic.”
In response to our request, Yahoo issued a pretty bland statement noting the mutual agreement and highlighting its other content. I gather another Yahoo-blog traffic/link deal — the one with Huffington Post that began before the Gawker stint — is generating more traffic, likely due to the name recognition, the political emphasis and a more mainstream appeal. Yahoo is among the top in-bound link providers listed at
Both underscore Yahoo’s stated preference for traffic/link deals to licensing, although a few license/rev share deals are in place. Would Denton have stuck around for money? Maybe — but why would Yahoo pay? Add in the constant nastiness from ValleyWag (even though Denton says Yahoo execs expressed dismay at times but no pressure) and, well, you get the picture. This was one relationship without a real future.

Yahoo, Gawker Join Forces In Licensing, Distribution Deal