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MySpace’s Growing Third-Party Ecosystem

BW’s Steve Rosenbush placed MySpace on a short list of companies large enough to create an “ecosystem” of third-party partners today (iPod being a big example of that kind of company/product). Creating this kind of a network, where developers create things for MySpace users that MySpace hasn’t, will help the site continue growing, an analyst said in the story. When News Corp. acquired MySpace last year, the social networking site claimed 17 million unique users. A year later, the site boasts 54 million unique users.
Microsoft partners with companies to develop applications for its operating system and Apple encourages third-party iPod development. Currently, MySpace users can post messages, photos, blogs, and music on their home pages. For the social networking site, a third party product would be a tool that allows users to access their home pages from a mobile phone, something Helio, jointly owned by SK Telecom and Earthlink, is currently doing. While the network is small, this is an important milestone for the site, as it tries to expand using others’ development work.