Yahoo Go! for Nokia now, Motorola later


Yahoo_goIf you’re a Yahoo! user and like the idea of centralized contacts, mail and instant messaging, check out Yahoo Go! This downloadable application is currently available for the Nokia N60 devices or you can grab a Nokia 6682 with Yahoo Go! pre-loaded. MobilitySite is also reporting that Yahoo Go! is coming soon for several Motorola phones, so be on the lookout.

The application provides a mobile, all-in-one set programs that keeps your contact data on Yahoo’s servers so that you don’t have to manage or transfer them, assuming your next phone is Yahoo Go! capable of course. Also integrated is Yahoo! Photos which helps make use of that camera you likely have in that phone. I especially like the idea of voice messages you can record and then send to your Yahoo! IM contacts; you already have a microphone in your hands, so why not take advantage of it?


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