Will The Disney-Branded MVNO Fare Better?


I managed to get the ML client report I mentioned last night, and I’ll report more later, but a quick one on Disney Mobile, the kids-MVNO…more doubts from ML analysts: “We are increasingly skeptical of the prospects for this service as well. The initial price points seem high and Disney repeated Mobile ESPN’s mistake of launching with only one handset that is unlikely to be appealing to its target demo. More importantly, we believe that most parents who purchase cell phone service for their children (Disney’s target market) are likely to do so by adding a line to their existing plan (i.e., staying with their provider, but moving to a family plan). Given the advantage of family plans and the likely reticence of adults to switch to a Disney-branded service (particularly given the handset selection), we believe it will be difficult for Disney to attract a significant number of subscribers.”

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