Use Skype- shut down your credit card account


Skype_aid_1Brian Youngblood called Chase Bank using Skype to get some information he needed.  The next day Chase began declining charges on his card and when he checked with customer service he was told that since he had called them from an "unknown number" they had flagged his account for suspicious activity.  I can’t help feeling that while it’s nice Chase is watching his back they went a little overboard in this case since the "suspicious activity" didn’t even involve a charge attempt on his account, just a phone call.  Better use a landline for those calls to your bank, ‘mkay?  Oh, and Chase, please stop sending those phishing attempts to me.  Thank you.


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The overzealousness definitely feels, well, overzealous – but remember that with a credit card, the credit card company is liable for most (if not all) fraud on your account – not you. As such, isn’t it only fair that they do all they can (as useless, or inconvenient as it might seem) to prevent it?

Brad Isaac

doh! I called the other day from skype to get a charge approved. It’s just much easier to sit on hold for 20 minutes when you have the headset on and can surf while doing so. Hope my CC doesn’t get cancelled too.

Mark Sumimoto (Sumocat)

Sounds like part of eBay’s strategy to switch all their Skype customers to PayPal. “NEW! Call PayPal credit card customer service via Skype and your account will not be locked!”

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